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Childhood Developmental Milestones: Ages 6 to 10

The kid gloves are – kind of, sort of – off.

By age 7, children have largely moved beyond the “baby” years – and are busy establishing themselves as fully-functional individuals.

Development during those post toddler/pre-teen years can be emotionally tumultuous, yet also rewarding, as children vie for independence while placing increased emphasis on friendships.

The latest entry in our milestone series charts childhood developmental milestones for ages 6-10.

At age 6, children typically:

  • Understand that some words have more than one meaning
  • Can read children’s books
  • Tell time
  • Begin to develop a sense of body image
  • Know their right hand from their left
  • Begin to lose their baby teeth
  • Learn to cooperate and share
  • Attempt to establish their independence and/or demonstrate how big they are

At age 7, children typically:

  • Have exemplary hand-eye coordination
  • Have a vocabulary consisting of several thousand words
  • Are thoughtful, reflective, and exercise logic
  • Can accurately compare two objects
  • Are critical of themselves
  • Can tend to worry
  • Begin to feel and/or express guilt and shame
  • Exhibit a longer attention span

At age 8, children typically:

  • Can dress themselves and practice good hygiene
  • Can use tools (such as hammers and screwdrivers)
  • Can count by 2’s
  • Know the day of the week (but often not the month or year)
  • Have mood swings (with angry outbursts)
  • Become fascinated with earning and saving money
  • Can tie their shoelaces

At age 9, children typically:

  • Can classify objects using different categories
  • Can add and subtract using two-digit numbers, and have begun learning and understanding more complicated math concepts
  • Are independent thinkers and are developing their problem-solving skills
  • Recognize basic social cues
  • Have more stable emotions and can express empathy
  • Read frequently
  • Enjoy active play

At age 10, children typically:

  • Can write simple stories
  • Know what day of the week, day of the month, month, and year it is
  • Experience more peer pressure
  • Read chapter books
  • Enjoy team activities
  • Show off and/or act silly as a way to interact with members of the opposite sex
  • Speak at an adult level and can interact with people of all ages
  • Have mastered their smaller muscle groups and demonstrate increased endurance

It is important to note that peer pressure often becomes a serious issue as children approach their middle school and pre-teen years. Spending time with them can help to counteract this pressure, negating its influence. Praise accomplishments and discuss upcoming challenges. Whenever possible, become involved in your child’s academic life. Meet teachers and attend events. Encourage your children to become involved, as well, whether in athletics, extracurricular activities, or charity work.

Regular checkups can help you keep track of your son or daughter’s childhood developmental milestones, ages 6-10. We can help your family adhere to a proper vaccination schedule while your child progresses through school.

Preventative care appointments are available at all four of KinderMender’s Maryland locations for the following:

  • Immunizations
  • Well child visits/health checkups
  • Newborn care
  • Travel advice

Additionally, all KinderMender locations offer school and sports physicals throughout the summer, helping you and your child to get a head start on the new school year.

Here's What Parents Say

  • “Everything about the visit was outstanding. We are so very happy we found this place. The staff is efficient, professional, and friendly. The facility is bright, clean, and child friendly. This will be our go to medical office…”

  • “Everyone we worked with, from the time we first called with questions through when we left after our appointment, was extremely friendly, efficient, and just overall wonderful and easy to work with. The place was clean, pretty, warm, and inviting!”

  • “Everyone is always patient and kind; it is so important to me that my kids are treated well especially at a doctor’s office because it directly influences their level of comfort and anxiety for the rest of their lives.”

  • “Fast, friendly and efficient service received. The Doctor was very friendly and informative. My child felt comfortable and was at ease by the kind nature of everyone. From the time we walked in we were greeted with a warm, friendly smile and immediate attention.”

  • “Always very welcoming and KinderMender makes it as comfortable as possible for the children. My son is no longer scared of going to the doctor because of his wonderful experiences here. It is so nice to have somewhere to take him that is not ‘scary.’ Thank you!”

  • “Everyone is always very friendly, helpful and sensitive to my child’s needs. They had us in and out in less than 20 minutes which is so important when dealing with a grouchy, sick child.”


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